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Ferri Farahmandi

Ferri Farahmandi was born in 1950 and brought up in the southern region of Iran in a creative and
artistic family.
Although the arts were never discouraged, an academic education however is what was expected;
hence she qualified as a primary school teacher. Getting married and starting a family soon followed,
which ultimately did not leave time to follow her ambitions in the arts. The life-changing Iranian
revolution made England her permanent home.
It was only until her two children were almost adults that she finally could make time to pursue her
own interests. She had always been drawn to clay, and thus decided to apply for a course in pottery
at Harrow College. Here she was very lucky to be taught by a very well known potter, John Higgins
who encouraged her to take her passion for clay to the next level. After achieving her City & Guilds
Creative studies, she applied and was accepted on a degree course at the University of Westminster
to study ceramics.
Here she was taught how to see things laterally and to explore different ways of expressing thoughts
and ideas in the “form. In 2006 she attained BA Hons degree.
Having obtained her degree, Ferri has continued to explore her ideas, and her work is all the while
developing and evolving into her own unique style. She exhibits widely in the UK.
Ferri has always felt comfortable in using the female form as a carrier of the messages. Her latest
work blends the classical sculpture with the contemporised expressions carved onto the surface. The
lack of colour helps to concentrate the viewer's thoughts and feelings.


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