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Richard Blunt

ARTIST: Richard Blunt

Richard was born and raised in the West Midlands, has always longed to be creative.

Richard, who has always loved art, and opted to pursue a degree in Fine Art with the goal of turning his passion into a job. He chose to compromise and study three-dimensional design at Worcester College of Art, following the advice of an advisor who warned him, "You'll never earn any money as an artist."

Upon leaving college, frustrated and unsure of his career pathway, Richard turned his mind to music. He spent the following 10 years playing in various bands before settling in Cardiff, South Wales, where he earned a degree in Popular Music and remains to this day.

Richard's passion for art never faded, but it wasn't until his late twenties that he was inspired to embrace oil painting and fell in love with it. Following some early notable exhibition success, Richard was signed by a UK publishing business in 2012, and his original artworks and embellished prints were exhibited in galleries across the UK, attracting collectors from all over the world.

Richard is mostly an oil painter who works in a traditional style. Film, music, and the world around him, on the other hand, help construct the backbone of his creations. Richard, devoted to making a painting tell a storey, employs vintage attire and props to assist him to tell his stories of love, life, and mystery. 

Richard Blunt signed with Wishbone Publishing in 2018 and has a dedicated studio in Cardiff where he paints full time.

A note from the Gallery Owner: Richard's work is deep and very atmospheric. All his originals are painted with oil and then a small edition of hand-embellished canvas and limited edition prints are produced. His work has constantly been one of our best-sellers, adorning walls across the UK with collectors. All of his work is based on photographs taken by Richard of him and his partner, Sophie, they stage the shot and after careful selection, he picks the best image to paint. Follow Richard on Instagram here: #richardblunt


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