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Born in the vibrant market town of Romford, Essex, Courty's artistic journey began in a humble working-class family. Embarking on a dedicated quest in 1987, he found his true calling in the mesmerizing art of tubular glassblowing and the captivating study of neon lights.

As an esteemed English craftsman, Courty has honed the time-honoured tradition of glassblowing neon tube lights, a century-old art form. From his East London-based studio, he fearlessly explores and pushes the boundaries of handcrafted neon light in the realms of art and sculpture, garnering immense respect in the creative community.

Courty's artistic prowess didn't emerge from formal training but rather from immersing himself at the ground level of the industry. A lifetime of hands-on collaboration with creative minds from across the globe has given him a unique vantage point, transforming ideas and visions into breathtaking "illumination reality" on a grand scale. Melding experience, technical expertise, and his own boundless creativity, Courty breathes life into limited edition neon artworks, each an exclusive and exquisitely crafted piece that beckons viewers to explore its captivating properties.

Having spent nearly three decades illuminating the streets of London and gracing international film sets, TV backdrops, and theatre productions, Courty's work has unknowingly enchanted countless eyes. His artistry has been sought after by world leaders, celebrities, and art connoisseurs, adorning collections and prestigious galleries and art institutions across the UK. Amongst an elite few, Courty stands proudly as a true creator of his particular medium, 'Neon Art.'

In his own words, Courty defines his neon artworks as an odyssey of light, colour, and the evocative written word. Through his stunning creations, he invites you to delve into a world where the dance of vibrant luminance and profound expression transports you to a realm of pure fascination and wonder. At Bloom Fine Art, we are delighted to showcase Courty's luminous masterpieces, inviting you to experience the magic of light transformed into art.


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