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Craig Davison

Craig Davison

As he rode his bike across the famous steel city of Sheffield in the early 1970s, Craig Davison could not have predicted the impact these carefree days would have upon his career some 40 years later.

With the adventures and escapades of a youth well (miss)pent coming to a close and the nearly endless summer holidays leaving only the very best memories in its place, the line towards becoming one of the UK’s best-selling fine artists was anything but a straight one.

A successful role as a cartoonist began the journey by drawing the likes of The Shoe People and The Wombles before moving into animation and game design with a major British company.
Working on a wide portfolio of the day’s most known computer games including Zorro, The Hulk and The Hurricanes allowed Craig the platform to sculpt every day as his sculpting reference figures for 3D animation developed him artistically enough to become a freelance sculptor working alongside international brands including Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

Turning from clay to brush, Craig Davison began seriously painting as recently as 2007.
Within a year he was finally a full-time painter, as he remains to this day, working out of his studio in Worcestershire where he still finds time to sculpt, a much-loved addition to his portfolio of works.

Inspired by the comic book artistry of Mike Mignola, the simplistic still characters of Yoshitomo Nara, the energy of Goya and the superb illustrations of N.C Wyeth, Craig is immensely proud to be able to present nostalgia in painted form to collectors all over Europe and the World. Craig Davison signed with Wishbone Publishing in 2018.

‘My head is always filled with new ideas all scrambling to get onto the canvas first. Once they’re there I like my paintings to have a slightly naïve, grubby look with lots of energy – which, when I think about it, sums up my childhood.

A note from the Gallery Owner: Craig's work always attracts a lot of attention, and his unique way of capturing TV icons from often the '80s and '90s is very effective. In his latest release, I especially love the Bruce Lee pieces. As Bloom Fine Art continues to build a following locally the latest releases never fail to impress! Find Craig on Instagram here: #craigdavison_art

In the nostalgic streets of Sheffield during the early 1970s, little did Craig Davison know that his carefree adventures would leave an indelible mark on his artistic journey, shaping his destiny over the next four decades.

As his youth's whimsical escapades drew to a close, and the endless summer holidays granted only cherished memories, Craig's path to becoming one of the UK's most renowned fine artists was far from predictable.

His artistic voyage began with a successful role as a cartoonist, illustrating beloved characters like The Shoe People and The Wombles. Animation and game design soon followed, working on iconic titles like Zorro, The Hulk, and The Hurricanes for a prominent British company. With each stroke, Craig's talent flourished, becoming a freelance sculptor collaborating with prestigious international brands like Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

In 2007, the artist took a momentous turn, transitioning from clay to brush, and Craig Davison embarked on a serious painting endeavour. Within a year, he embraced the life of a full-time painter, a passion that continues to this day. Nestled in his Worcestershire studio, he finds solace in sculpting, a cherished addition to his impressive portfolio.

Inspired by luminaries like Mike Mignola's comic artistry, Yoshitomo Nara's simplistic characters, Goya's energy, and N.C Wyeth's exquisite illustrations, Craig proudly captures nostalgia on canvas, delighting collectors across Europe and the world. His signature style brings TV icons from the '80s and '90s to life, evoking fond memories in every stroke.

His latest release, featuring mesmerizing Bruce Lee pieces, showcases Craig's ability to captivate audiences with his unique approach. At Bloom Fine Art, we take great pleasure in introducing Craig Davison's remarkable creations to our growing local following, where each new masterpiece never ceases to amaze.

For Craig, creativity knows no bounds, with a head brimming with new ideas that eagerly find their way onto his canvases. His paintings exude a delightful naivety, an artful yet grubby charm, teeming with energy—a beautiful reflection of his childhood adventures.

We invite you to explore Craig Davison's enchanting world of nostalgia and artistic brilliance, where cherished memories and iconic characters converge in a captivating dance of brushstrokes. Discover the allure of his work as he continues to charm and mesmerize art enthusiasts around the globe. Follow his journey on Instagram at #craigdavison_art.


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