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David O'Brien

David O'Brien

Hailing from the vibrant city of Liverpool, David O'Brien's journey into the world of art had an unexpected genesis during his school days at St. Margaret's in Aigburth. While football initially captured his heart, leading him to captain his school team and compete against future legends like Steve McManaman and Robbie Fowler, fate had a different artistic destiny in store for him.

During a trip to Barcelona in the 1990s, exploring the city's tourist attractions, David stumbled upon Antoni Gaudi's breathtaking Park Guell, igniting an unyielding passion for mosaic art within him.

Drawing inspiration from his personal passions, David O'Brien crafts mosaics that pay homage to iconic music album covers, exquisite works of art, rare racing cars, vintage-style posters, and the dynamic world of Pop art. Evolving his craft, he has recently ventured into sculptural mosaics, captivating collectors across the UK with their distinct charm.

Each mosaic creation is a testament to David's unwavering attention to detail, discipline, and patience, essential elements in bringing each artwork to life. With every piece being entirely original and unique, he pours his heart into every step of the creative process—from the inception of the idea to the final completion, often making delightful changes along the way.

Now settled in rural Bickerstaffe, Lancashire, David O'Brien's artistry has flourished, with the support of his loving family—his wife Kim and children Lawrie and Olivia. As his work gains acclaim, he graces the walls of diverse galleries and private collections across the country, leaving an indelible mark on art enthusiasts far and wide.

At Bloom Fine Art, we take immense pleasure in showcasing David O'Brien's magnificent mosaic masterpieces, each radiating a unique brilliance that stems from his genuine love for the craft. Join us in exploring the kaleidoscopic world of his art, where passion and creativity merge in a symphony of colours and shapes, celebrating the beauty that lies within the intricate details of life.


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