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Derrick Fielding

Derrick Fielding

Derrick's journey as an artist began in the vibrant streets of Liverpool in 1965. In those formative years, he found solace and excitement within the pages of comic books, losing himself in the misadventures of The Beano or Whizzer and Chips. The thrill of reading, especially under the guise of bedtime punishment, immersed him in the lively escapades of The Bash Street Kids and Dennis the Menace. Drawing became his passion, and with time, he unleashed his vivid imagination, creating intricate board games for his friends in the neighbourhood. Thankfully, his father's profession as a painter and decorator provided endless canvases—rolls of wallpaper backs—to nurture his artistic endeavours.

During his apprenticeship as a signwriter, Derrick discovered a new dimension to his artistry, painting colossal advertising hoardings at sports venues nationwide. This experience would go on to shape his unique artistic style in the years to come.

Living on the city's outskirts, he found himself captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of the surrounding countryside, slowly venturing further on his pushbike. Marathons of cycling holidays with friends unveiled a new world of wonder, where he realized that the views seen on a bike were often missed when travelling by car.

Encouraged by the support of loved ones, he began painting watercolour scenes of his beloved hometown, quickly gaining recognition and success. In 2007, he embraced painting as a professional pursuit, passionately pursuing his artistic vision. Derrick's artistic style exudes a charming naivety, characterized by the interplay of light and shadow and a touch of exaggeration that brings his compositions and subjects to life. Everyday life and the breathtaking landscapes intricately woven into our existence serve as his endless inspiration.

At Bloom Fine Art, we celebrate Derrick's captivating artwork, where each stroke evokes the essence of life's beauty and the dramatic allure of nature. Join us in exploring the world through his eyes, where the magic of light and shadows transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary masterpieces.


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