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Ferri Farahmandi

Ferri Farahmandi

Ferri Farahmandi's journey in the world of art began in the creative and artistic ambience of her family's home in the southern region of Iran, where she was born in 1950. Though her passion for the arts was never discouraged, societal expectations led her towards an academic education, and she became a qualified primary school teacher. Soon after, marriage and motherhood consumed her time, leaving little room to pursue her artistic ambitions. However, the winds of change brought her to England permanently following the Iranian revolution.

It was only when her two children were nearing adulthood that Ferri finally found the opportunity to explore her own interests. Drawn to the allure of clay, she enrolled in a pottery course at Harrow College. Under the tutelage of renowned potter John Higgins, Ferri discovered a deeper passion for clay and was encouraged to elevate her art to new heights. Achieving her City & Guilds Creative studies, she took the next leap by pursuing a degree course in ceramics at the University of Westminster. Here, she learned to perceive things laterally and to explore diverse avenues of expressing her thoughts and ideas through form. In 2006, she accomplished her BA Hons degree, marking a significant milestone in her artistic journey.

Since attaining her degree, Ferri's creativity has thrived, and her work continues to evolve, finding its unique and distinctive style. Her artistic prowess has garnered recognition, and she exhibits her masterpieces extensively across the UK.

Ferri feels an innate comfort in using the female form as a vessel for her artistic messages. In her latest works, she beautifully blends classical sculpture with contemporary expressions carved onto the surface. Her choice of omitting colour from her creations serves to concentrate the viewer's thoughts and feelings, allowing a profound connection with the essence of each piece.

At Bloom Fine Art, we celebrate Ferri Farahmandi's captivating artistry, where her sculptures breathe life into timeless emotions and evocative stories. Join us in exploring her mesmerizing body of work, where the female form becomes an eloquent medium for profound expression, creating a symphony of emotions in the viewer's heart and mind.


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