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Ghost is a distinctive collaborative art project hailing from South Wales, combining the talents of two artists to create captivating works of modern and contemporary art.

Their artistic focus revolves around transforming the viewer's perspective of various icons, characters, and classic museum paintings. Ghost employs manipulation, embellishment, and alteration of images with a blend of graffiti and street art style fabrication. The result is a satirical and juxtaposed nod to the anti-establishment, infused with urban art techniques and mixed media methods for added inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from the emotive response elicited by street art, Ghost aims to create artworks that celebrate the diversity of the contemporary art scene. Their pieces are influenced by various tattoo art forms, and they design their own ink sketches to adorn the individuals depicted in their paintings. Each artwork is carefully crafted with allegorical symbols and hidden meanings, making each Ghost piece bespoke and uniquely different.

The artworks by Ghost are unapologetically bold, combining mixed media techniques and hand embellishment. The limited editions are individually adorned with a wide variety of techniques and processes. To further enhance their compositions, Ghost uses statement spray-painted frames, creating a seamless continuation of their artistry.

The collaborative nature of Ghost allows them to infuse their works with diverse artistic approaches, resulting in visually captivating and thought-provoking pieces. By combining their respective skills, Ghost creates art that challenges perceptions and embraces the essence of contemporary and urban art.


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No current artworks to show for this Artist.

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