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Julie Connor

Julie Connor

Meet Julie Connor, a multi-talented, self-taught artist based in the picturesque town of Colchester, Essex. From an early age, Julie's passion for painting and drawing shone brightly, and though she opted for a different path in her educational journey, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of artistic excellence through self-taught methods across various mediums. Her innate talent and dedication eventually led her to a successful career in nursing, but deep down, she knew her true calling lay in the world of art.

Following her heart, Julie made the bold decision to embrace her artistic passion full-time, leaving her nursing career behind to dedicate herself entirely to her craft. Acrylics became her chosen medium for their versatility, favouring high-flow fluid paints and inks to bring her vibrant visions to life. Her artworks are a celebration of bright, bold colours set against contrasting dark backgrounds, creating an electrifying visual impact.

Julie's latest collection draws inspiration from her fascination with cities and the bustling energy of city life. Having grown up in a quaint country village, big cities have always captivated her creativity, with London and Paris holding a special place in her heart. Through her art, she captures the vibrancy and excitement of cityscapes, infusing them with bright neon colours, moody skies, and dynamic splatters and marks that breathe life and vitality into each piece.

Cities are often portrayed as dreary and lifeless in some depictions, but Julie sees them differently. To her, they are beacons of beauty, magnificence, grandeur, and history. This awe and admiration for the urban landscape are what she masterfully embodies in her artworks. Working from the comfort of her home studio in Essex, Julie finds her true contentment as she pours her heart and soul into each creation.

With a genuine desire to connect with her audience, Julie's art serves as a form of escapism, reducing stress, and promoting feelings of well-being. She believes that the rewards of creating art for her collectors are akin to those she experienced as a nurse, where she found fulfilment in helping others through the expression of her inner self.

At Bloom Fine Art, we celebrate Julie Connor's exceptional talent and her ability to transport viewers into the heart of vibrant cityscapes. Join us in experiencing the magic of her art, where every stroke is a testament to the joy, beauty, and inspiration that cities have to offer, as seen through the eyes of a truly gifted artist.


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