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Kealey Farmer

Kealey Farmer

Meet Kealey Farmer, a passionate artist who fell in love with the world of art at a tender age, vowing to paint the world in silver and gold if she could. This childhood determination laid the foundation for a lifelong journey dedicated to artistry and creativity.

In 2003, Kealey decided it was time to fulfil that innocent promise made at her grandmother's house. With great courage, she stepped away from her successful project management career in Milton Keynes to embrace her true calling as a professional artist. From that moment, her life became a canvas, and she devoted herself entirely to her art, becoming a full-time artist.

Over the course of 25 years, Kealey Farmer has honed her craft as a predominantly self-taught artist, and her versatility and authenticity have been instrumental in her soaring success. Her artistic journey began with powerful abstract pieces, vibrant with colour and energy. However, her evolution as an artist took a remarkable turn in 2006 when she introduced 3D elements to her work. Incorporating handmade elements like glass, diamond dust, Swarovski crystals, and resin, she crafted captivating and unique masterpieces.

Kealey's art revolves around themes of romance, love, relationships, and family. Each artwork she creates exudes confidence and captivates the viewer, drawing them into a world of emotion and sentiment. Her creations are filled with symbolism, with birds, butterflies, and bees often representing joy and happiness.

In 2016, Kealey Farmer joined forces with Wishbone Publishing Ltd, marking a significant milestone in her artistic career. Her work has become highly sought-after, and she is known as one of the most impressive, innovative, and collectable contemporary British artists.

As the gallery owner, I am proud to showcase Kealey Farmer's exceptional talent at Bloom Fine Art. Her art is a reflection of her heart and soul, and it speaks to the essence of love and joy. Kealey's unique style and deep meaning behind each piece make her work instantly recognizable and cherished by art enthusiasts. Her pieces have regularly been best-selling and awarded, solidifying her place as an eminent UK artist.

Join us in celebrating Kealey Farmer's captivating journey and exploring her enchanting artworks, where love, beauty, and sentiment come alive on the canvas. Follow her artistic voyage on Instagram, where her art continues to inspire and delight. #kealeyfarmerart


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