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Kealey Farmer Abstracts

Kealey Farmer Abstracts

Kealey Farmer's artistic journey has come full circle, as she returns to her roots almost 20 years later. Her career began with large-scale abstracts that were vibrant, bold, and bursting with energy, and now, after much introspection and growth, she has found herself compelled to revisit this style once again.

These recent pieces have been a labour of love, taking almost three years to come to fruition. Along the way, Kealey has acquired new techniques and experimented with different materials, resulting in an evolution of her art while preserving the underlying essence that defined her early work. Despite the evolution, these large-scale canvases continue to be about energy, and they exude a powerful and dynamic presence. Every piece she creates carries a profound feeling, and she skillfully brings it to life through her masterful use of colour, texture, and an almost rigid architectural structure. It's a constant challenge for her to harmoniously unite the wild and the calm in one artwork, and these pieces stand as a testament to her ability to do just that.

Designed to complement contemporary interiors, these artworks also find their place in corporate settings. Kealey's pieces have the potential to infuse any space, be it a reception area or a boardroom, with captivating energy. If you seek to create a unique ambience within your organization, Kealey is more than willing to discuss a bespoke commission tailored to your specific needs.

At Bloom Fine Art, we celebrate Kealey Farmer's return to her artistic roots, where her passion for colour, energy, and emotion are seamlessly woven into each canvas. These pieces are an ode to the enduring essence of her artistry and a testament to her growth and evolution as an artist. Discover the captivating energy of Kealey's latest artworks, where the wild and the calm converge to create an awe-inspiring experience for both art enthusiasts and corporate clients alike.


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