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Michelle Mackie

Michelle Mackie

Meet Michelle Mackie, also known as Dolly, a self-taught photographer, digital artist, and visual storyteller. Armed with her camera and artistic skills, Michelle embarks on a journey through her psyche, a voyage of rediscovering forgotten joys, cherishing life's loves, and confronting past tragedies and traumas.

For Michelle, art is a means of daydreaming and a way to give life to the vivid visions that occupy her imaginative mind. What began as a hobby and an escape from the hustle of being a busy working mum soon blossomed into much more. In 2014, her talent caught the eye of a local gallery, where she was invited to exhibit her work. This experience ignited her passion and inspired her to refine her skills, eventually leading her to discover her own unique artistic style.

Michelle's art is a powerful fusion of nightmares and fairytales, a captivating reflection of her inner self, with its memories, fears, and dreams. Each piece she creates is meticulously planned and pre-conceptualized before the camera even clicks. A well-chosen location, a thoughtful selection of props and wardrobe, and a model to portray the emotions she seeks to express are all carefully orchestrated.

Michelle's creative process doesn't end with the camera's shutter. It is during the digital phase that her art truly comes to life. Meticulously stitching together photos using layers and layer masks, she crafts a surreal tapestry of symbolism and emotion. Her unique use of textures and colour palettes adds an extra dimension of depth and surreal tones to her artwork.

Through her artistic endeavours, Michelle Mackie uncovers beauty in the darkest of places. Her creations have the power to evoke powerful emotions and forge connections with viewers, taking them on a journey into the inner workings of her mind and inviting them to explore their own emotions and imagination.

At Bloom Fine Art, we celebrate Michelle's remarkable talent and her ability to tell stories that resonate with the human spirit. Each artwork is a testament to the beauty of the human psyche and the transformative power of art. Join us in experiencing the enchanting world of Michelle Mackie, where imagination knows no bounds, and art becomes a gateway to self-discovery and emotional exploration.


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