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Sienna Frost

Sienna Frost

Sienna's love for nature has been a lifelong fascination that blossomed during her childhood in the serene Suffolk countryside. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of nature, she developed a special affinity for rivers and the wildlife that thrives along their banks, particularly the majestic kingfisher.

Her paintings beautifully capture the ethereal essence of these vibrant birds, and she pours her heart into each brushstroke to immortalize their beauty on canvas. Sienna's artwork revolves around the elusive kingfisher, a bird she seeks out during long walks along the riverbanks with her two beloved dogs. Despite their striking and bold colours, the rarity of these birds means that spotting them in person is a cherished moment. Hence, Sienna ensures that their image stays alive in her paintings, allowing her to relish their elegance and colours repeatedly.

Using oil paints, Sienna crafts a blurred, muted background in her paintings, purposefully designed to emphasize the kingfisher's strong and vibrant colours, making them the focal point of the artwork. This approach enhances their impact and captivates the viewer, drawing them into the mesmerizing world of these magnificent creatures.

Sienna finds solace and creative inspiration in her home studio in the Suffolk countryside. With a bustling household and an energetic young daughter, the moments of peace and quiet in her studio are deeply cherished. Holding a cup of tea and accompanied by her loyal dogs, Sienna finds the perfect sanctuary to channel her passion for nature onto her canvases.

Her paintings are an ode to the beauty of wildlife and a testament to the powerful connection she shares with nature. Through her art, Sienna invites viewers to share in her admiration for the kingfisher, offering a glimpse into the enchanting world of these elusive and captivating birds.


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