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Uncle Stubble

Uncle Stubble

Uncle Stubble, also known as Tim, is an artist whose artistic journey is deeply rooted in the Hip Hop culture that hit the UK in the early 1980s. This new and vibrant music culture provided the perfect outlet for his boundless creativity as a young and aspiring artist. During this time, Tim immersed himself in various aspects of Hip Hop, including B-boying, DJing, MCing, and graffiti art.

However, his graffiti career came to an end at the age of 16 after a couple of arrests made him realize the impact it had on his family, particularly his mother. After completing his education, Tim pursued a career as a sign maker, a logical progression given his experience with creating large letters through graffiti. Despite his professional pursuits, Tim continued to nurture his creative passions through music, fronting funk bands, DJing, and releasing his own records.

It was his future wife's suggestion that reignited Tim's interest in painting. As an artist, he quickly rediscovered his old techniques and recognized that many individuals who grew up within the Hip Hop culture were now business owners or leaders in their respective fields. This realization inspired Tim to make connections and collaborations within the industry and use his art to inspire and uplift communities.

He began painting in youth clubs, Y.M.C.A, and neglected areas, injecting much-needed colour and style to brighten up the surroundings. Tim felt it was crucial to inspire children and youth in the same way he was inspired by the vibrant graffiti art he encountered as a child in London.

His early projects with charities and redevelopment initiatives led to larger opportunities, including working on murals in schools. Tim found great fulfilment in using his art to reach and inspire the very kids he wanted to impact positively on a daily basis.

He believes that art has the power to influence and construct, and he is determined to use his talent to inspire an interest in education, creativity, and learning. As his reputation grew through word-of-mouth recommendations, Tim's art evolved into a full-time career, allowing him to express himself and develop his artistic style.

Tim combines his sign-making knowledge with his art, treating each piece like an individual piece of music. He uses colours and patterns to create a dynamic and energetic flow in his artwork, leaving space for it to breathe and come alive. Tim's art is all about connection, movement, energy, and constant evolution.

His artistic journey has allowed him to paint schools to give back and inspire, work on large walls to release energy, and create gallery pieces to express and develop his ideas and style. For Uncle Stubble, art is a way of life, and he continues to leave a positive impact on the world through his art and creativity.


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