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West Country Prince

West Country Prince

The West Country Prince is an artist who specializes in creating faithful reproductions of Banksy's most famous screen prints using similar techniques and materials. As Banksy's original prints have become highly valuable and expensive, the West Country Prince offers an alternative for art enthusiasts to hang a piece that resembles a Banksy at a fraction of the price.

Banksy's Pest Control organization is known for swiftly addressing any copyright abuse of Banksy's imagery. Despite this, the West Country Prince has been able to sell these reproductions for many years, leading to speculation that the artist may have a special connection to Banksy, such as being an old friend or even Banksy himself.

To ensure the authenticity and quality of the limited-edition prints, they are delivered rolled, and the gallery takes great care in framing them using high-quality materials and conservation methods typically found in high-end prints. Each piece includes acid-free mounting with a hinged board, wood frames, and Art Glass for preservation. Additionally, photographic evidence of the back stamp is included on the back of each print, providing further assurance of their authenticity.

For those who admire Banksy's art but may not have the means to own an original, the West Country Prince's reproductions offer an opportunity to enjoy a piece that captures the essence and style of Banksy's iconic works.


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