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Wild Seeley

Wild Seeley

Wild Seeley is a London-based urban artist, residing in Highbury, known for creating paintings that challenge conventional norms. His art defies expectations by combining urban scenes with human figures sporting animal heads, resulting in chaotic and surreal imagery.

Wild Seeley's style carries a distinctly British flair, and his work is characterized by its subversive and thought-provoking nature. Using bold and almost feverish brushstrokes, he employs a highly distinctive painterly technique.

The artist draws inspiration from the darker aspects of society, the absurdities of human behaviour, and the fusion of popular culture with urban imagery. Through his art, he prompts viewers to examine both society as a whole and the individual within it.

Wild Seeley has been an active participant in the underground urban art scene since 2005 and is now gaining recognition and rising to prominence in the gallery circuit. His unique and captivating approach to art has garnered attention and appreciation from art enthusiasts and collectors alike.


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