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Zombi was born in Stockwell, London.

Entirely consumed by the capital’s encompassing and enrapturing urban and street art scene as a child in the 1990s, and as an active witness of the golden era of British street art – Zombiedan is one of the most intoxicating and captivating new names in British art.

Leaving school with a double distinction in Art and relocating to the Midlands, Zombiedan set about mirroring modern-day influences in Blek Le Rat and Banksy by taking his unique explosion of energy and colour to his own hometown and beyond to promote his unequivocal lust for urban art.

The considerable media attention that followed enticed regular invitations to exhibit works at the likes of Comic-Con and Upfest, bringing a new audience to the artist whose works had previously been anonymous until revealed to his cult social media following.

A true scholar of the art of creating stencils, Zombiedan has come a long way from that very first cut. Now a revered commissions artist and still very much active on the street scene – Zombiedan’s truest skill comes from his ability to remove the common limits of graffiti artists to create works that aptly unify urban and fine art.

A note from the Gallery Owner: Zombi, AKA Zombi Dan is a massively talented artist. Cutting every template out by hand often leaves his fingers bleeding. His spray painting skills are probably the best we've ever seen! Having recently launched with Wishbone Publishing his work is continuing to hit the mark among collectors and art lovers around the world. He is definitely one to watch! Follow Zombi on Instagram here: #zombiartofficial

Zombi, also known as Zombiedan, is a British urban and street artist born in Stockwell, London. He was deeply immersed in the capital's urban and street art scene during the 1990s and witnessed the golden era of British street art, which greatly influenced his artistic journey.

After leaving school with a double distinction in Art, Zombiedan moved to the Midlands and began mirroring the influences of modern-day street art pioneers like Blek Le Rat and Banksy. He brought his unique explosion of energy and colour to his hometown and beyond, promoting his love for urban art.

His artworks gained considerable media attention, leading to invitations to exhibit at events like Comic-Con and Upfest, which introduced his work to a wider audience. Zombiedan's art was initially anonymous until he revealed his identity to his cult following on social media.

Zombiedan is a true master of stencil art, constantly refining his skills to create intricate and captivating artworks. Despite his growing success as a commission artist, he remains actively involved in the street art scene.

What sets Zombiedan apart is his ability to break free from the conventional limits of graffiti artists, skillfully unifying urban and fine art in his works. His art seamlessly blends the energy and dynamism of street art with the sophistication and finesse of fine art.

As a massively talented artist, Zombiedan's dedication to his craft is evident in every piece he creates, even to the point of cutting out templates by hand, sometimes leading to bleeding fingers. His spray painting skills are highly regarded, and his work has been gaining popularity among collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide.

With his recent launch with Wishbone Publishing, Zombiedan's art is continuing to make a mark in the art world, making him an artist to watch. His Instagram account, #zombiartofficial, allows fans and followers to keep up with his latest creations and artistic journey.


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