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Who is Paul Oz

#pauloz started painting around 12 years ago after leaving his corporate life behind him, since then he has taken the #formula1 world by storm and has became the only official #f1 artist. His work consists of one original, fifty hand-embellished canvases and one hundred paper prints, all framed and with a certificate of authenticity.

Nowadays, Paul only paints new images to commissions, they start at £15k. His hand-embellished canvas prints are the runaway winner when it comes to what we sell the most of. However, depending in the time of the year delays up to 8 weeks can happen, but trust me, they’re worth the wait. He is published by #wishbonepublishing #wishboneart

Paul lives near Malvern with his wife Ashley, he loves the colour orange and his passion for cars, F1, StarWars and all things 80’s is evident throughout his portfolio of work.

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