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Dean Martin

Dean Martin

From the earliest days of my childhood, a love for drawing ignited within me, leading me on a creative journey through a myriad of artistic mediums. Oils, watercolours, airbrushing, and even rattle cans have all been my canvas, and currently, I find myself engrossed in the captivating world of acrylics. Although I never sought formal artistic training, I am a proud self-taught artist, honing my craft through trial, error, and the sheer joy of exploration. However, my self-doubt often held me back from showcasing my work in a professional capacity, relegating painting to a beloved hobby and a tranquil respite after long days of labour.

Around three years ago, a new path beckoned me as I delved into life portraits. Initially inspired by the vibrant style of pop art, I gradually added more intricate details and features to my pieces, growing more confident in wielding the paints and embracing the acrylic medium. In 2018, an unexpected turn of events unfolded when I created a series of London gangster paintings that garnered admiration from friends and family of the subjects portrayed. A chance encounter with Charlie Richardson's wife, the gracious Ronnie Richardson, led to an unexpected friendship, and she generously offered to host my first exhibition in London. An unforgettable experience, the exhibition featured all my gangster paintings, with the presence of the legendary old-school figures themselves, making it a surreal and humbling moment. Through my art, I have had the unique opportunity to connect with some of Britain's most notorious men, delving into their stories and capturing their essence on canvas.

That pivotal exhibition marked the beginning of a whirlwind year for me, as private commissions and offers to create artworks for book covers and more came flooding in. Gratitude overflows within me towards Mrs Richardson, as her support set the wheels in motion for this incredible journey.

A twist of fate brought me to the attention of Wishbone Publishing, thanks to a mutual friend within the art industry. An invitation to meet and chat was one I couldn't refuse, and after a productive and promising encounter, the future unfurled before me like a blank canvas, waiting to be painted. Now, as I begin this new chapter of my life, I feel immense excitement working alongside Wishbone, connecting with people who genuinely appreciate my creations.

I embrace this journey with open arms, thankful for the opportunity to share my art with the world and to meet those who find joy in the expressions of my soul. God bless this path that lies ahead, as together we paint a beautiful tapestry of creativity and discovery.


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