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James Tinsley

James Tinsley

Meet James, a talented tattoo artist hailing from Suffolk, whose artistic journey took an exciting turn during the 2020 Covid lockdown. With the desire to keep his creative spirit alive during challenging times, he ventured into the realm of canvas art, exploring the world of acrylic paint and experimenting with various mediums, including airbrushing. It wasn't long before he discovered a newfound passion for large-scale portraiture.

In James' artistry, you'll find a unique and captivating approach to capturing the essence of his subjects. He focuses on intricate detailing in the faces and features of his projects, creating a stunning contrast against a subtly blurred background. This technique breathes life into his art, endowing it with a three-dimensional quality that mesmerizes viewers.

Since his younger years, James has nurtured the dream of sharing his artwork with the world. Today, that dream is coming to fruition, and he couldn't be happier with the artistic journey he's embarked upon. With each stroke of the brush, he unveils a world of emotion and expression, captivating hearts and minds alike.

At Bloom Fine Art, we celebrate James' extraordinary talent and the unique perspective he brings to his art. His creations are a testament to the power of creativity and the resilience of the human spirit during challenging times. Join us in experiencing the wonder of James' artwork, where each piece offers a glimpse into the beauty of the human soul and the artistic journey that continues to unfold before our eyes.


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