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Katy Jade Dobson

Katy Jade Dobson

Katy comes from North East Yorkshire, a beautiful place often called "God’s own country." She grew up there alongside famous artists like David Hockney, Henry Moore, and Barbara Hepworth. After moving to Lincolnshire, Katy's early art was inspired by stone animal paintings she saw in her grandmother’s garden.

She learned about art by herself, focusing on drawing and painting. Katy mainly made ethereal portraits and detailed sketches during this time, which set her on her artistic path.

Katy got her Fine Art Degree from The University of Lincoln. She loved working with oil paint and found her passion for it during her studies. Modern art didn't interest her much.

In 2013, Katy started her career as an artist. She put all her energy, creativity, and money into it. At first, she didn't think she could succeed, but she proved herself wrong.

Now, Katy is a successful artist in the UK, drawing inspiration from French painter Odilon Redon. Her fan base is growing internationally, and she's making a name for herself in the art world.

In her paintings, Katy uses bold colors and dramatic elements, often featuring animals and nature against dreamy backgrounds. She blends oil paint with her fingers to create movement and pleasing compositions.

Her art appeals to people who love color and dreamy scenes. Katy enjoys both the process of making art and seeing the finished paintings. Her work attracts a wide range of buyers and collectors.

Family and nature are important themes in Katy's art. Her paintings of bears and deer often touch people's hearts. Seeing her art in galleries sometimes makes her feel nervous because it's personal to her and her family.

Overall, Katy's art is both lively and mature, capturing the beauty of nature and the emotions of family life.

Her full range is now available from Bloom Fine Art.


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