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Matt Buckley

Matt Buckley

Introducing a captivating collection of contemporary sculptures that are nothing short of emotionally evocative and fiercely modern, yet astonishingly affordable. Welcome to Edge Sculpture, where each piece is born from the artistic vision of Matt Buckley, crafted with passion and precision at his studios in Shropshire, England.

Edge Sculpture is not confined by subject matter but rather celebrates the fusion of style, form, light, and texture. Each sculpture carries a unique essence, making them an enchanting addition to any art lover's collection.

The creative process begins with the original sculpting of each subject in clay, allowing for the creation of dynamic and organic pieces that exude life. Meticulously developed cases and moulds ensure the faithful reproduction of the original clay sculpture, using a special blend of marble stone castings. The final touch is the masterful application of hand painting, resulting in statement pieces that become captivating talking points in any home.

At Bloom Fine Art, we are thrilled to present this striking collection of Edge Sculptures. With their dynamic design and timeless appeal, these sculptures are bound to captivate your heart and elevate your living spaces. Discover the artistry and passion of Matt Buckley, where each sculpted piece stands as a testament to the beauty of contemporary art and the power of artistic expression. Welcome to the world of Edge Sculpture, where style knows no bounds, and each sculpture tells its own unique story.


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