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Richard Blunt

Richard Blunt

Meet Richard, a passionate artist who has always carried the flame of creativity in his heart. Born and raised in the West Midlands, Richard's love for art led him to pursue a degree in Fine Art, dreaming of turning his passion into a career. However, swayed by advice, he opted for three-dimensional design at Worcester College of Art, only to find himself frustrated and unsure of his path.

Turning to music, Richard spent the next decade playing in various bands before settling in Cardiff, South Wales, where he earned a degree in Popular Music. Yet, his passion for art never waned, and it was in his late twenties that he finally embraced oil painting, instantly falling in love with the medium.

With early exhibition success, Richard's talent gained recognition, leading to a momentous signing with a UK publishing business in 2012. His original artworks and embellished prints found their way into galleries across the UK, captivating collectors from around the world.

As an oil painter, Richard employs a traditional style, drawing inspiration from film, music, and the world around him to construct the narratives in his art. Using vintage attire and props, he masterfully weaves stories of love, life, and mystery within his paintings.

Richard's artistic journey brought him to Wishbone Publishing in 2018, solidifying his place among the best-selling artists with his deep and atmospheric works. Each original is meticulously crafted with oil paint, and limited edition prints are hand-embellished to preserve the essence of his art.

His creations are a reflection of his life, often featuring himself and his partner, Sophie, who actively participate in staging the shots that become the foundation of Richard's remarkable paintings.

Richard's work exudes a sense of depth and atmosphere, captivating art collectors across the UK. Follow him on Instagram to delve into the mesmerizing world of #richardblunt. In his dedicated Cardiff studio, he paints full-time, pouring his heart and soul into each masterpiece.


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