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Simon Wright

Simon Wright

Simon's artistic journey began at a young age in West Yorkshire, where he discovered his love for drawing and painting. Throughout his life, art has remained his primary passion, and he has honed his skills as an artist over the years. He pursued formal education in art and earned a degree, but Simon soon realized that his true passion lies in fine art painting, which allows him more creative freedom without the constraints of illustrative work.

Simon's artistic journey took a turn towards portraiture, especially after finding success with his paintings of animals, particularly dogs. This experience sparked his interest in capturing the essence and character of subjects through portraiture. His work seamlessly blends elements of illustration and fine art, resulting in a style that is entirely unique and appeals to a diverse audience.

Simon is not limited to a specific genre or style; he enjoys exploring a wide range of artistic projects, from realistic to abstract and everything in between. This versatility allows him to express his creativity in various ways and keep his artistic practice dynamic and exciting.

In his work, Simon predominantly uses oils and acrylics, which grant him the flexibility to achieve different textures and effects in his paintings. Whether he is working on a realistic portrait or an abstract piece, Simon's passion for art shines through in his meticulous attention to detail and the emotive nature of his creations.

As an artist, Simon continuously seeks new challenges and opportunities to grow in his craft. His dedication to exploring different styles and subject matters keeps his artistic journey ever-evolving, ensuring that his artwork remains captivating and inspiring to art enthusiasts and collectors alike.


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