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TBOY, an artist with a background in fine art and 3D design from Worthing College of Art and Design, has made a name for himself in the art world with his unique and diverse creations. Influenced by iconic figures, music, gaming, and significant moments in history, TBOY's work resonates with audiences worldwide.

His artistic journey has taken him to various exhibitions in prominent cities such as London, Manchester, Brighton, and even as far as New York, where his art has been showcased to a global audience.

TBOY's artistic style is characterized by his obsession with detail and a strong emphasis on achieving impeccable finishes in his work. This commitment to craftsmanship and attention to the minutest elements make his pieces stand out and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

In his art, TBOY skillfully blends thought-provoking messages and humour, creating a unique and engaging experience for those who encounter his work. This combination of meaningful content and playful elements adds depth and complexity to his art, sparking conversations and leaving viewers with something to ponder.

As his artistic journey evolves, TBOY has been increasingly focusing on producing one-of-a-kind pieces and limited runs. This approach adds exclusivity and collectability to his work, making it highly sought after by art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

TBOY's art captures the essence of contemporary culture while offering a fresh perspective on various subjects. His ability to infuse meaning and wit into his creations sets him apart as an artist with a distinct and compelling voice in the art world.


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