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Difference between a Limited Edition and an Original?

Often asked in the gallery, while it might seem obvious to some people there really are differences that you need to watch out for!

Firstly, an Original painting is often but not always a one-off piece produced by the artist. Some artists keep producing a similar original image with subtle differences in each of them, hence why you might find originals for around £500 to £1000 in a gallery and these will rarely have prints available. While others such as #Kealeyfarmerart #pauloz #jjadams #richardblunt #craigdavidson #deanmartin have just one original that will not be replicated in the future. Most of these artists' work starts at £2000 rising to £15,000.

However, with the likes of #wishbonepubling artists, they only produce one unique piece of art and then a small range of limited edition prints to ensure collectibility. But watch out, not all publishers are the same! While Wishbone Publishing only produces between 45 to 100 limited edition prints Worldwide there are a number of other publishing houses that produce much higher print runs, some at 500 in just the UK alone, then the same in other regions such as the US. So always ask this question to your reputable gallery before you buy.


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