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New Launch - Craig Davison HOT!!!

We are incredibly delighted to release today, a pair of stunning new works by our very own, talented Craig Davison.

We have Craig Davison's very first ever Lenticular limited edition artwork, titled "Caped Crusaders". The Batman & Robin artwork is based on two separate, original, hand-painted artworks that have been combined to create one of the most flawless lenticular lenses we've ever had the fortune of working with here at Bloom Fine Art. Limited to just 50 editions, we have no doubt these new additions to Craig's award-winning go down well with both regular collectors and new clients for Bloom Fine Art.

"Caped Crusaders”

Lenticular Edition By Craig Davison

Special Lenticular Lens Limited Edition Artwork: (Framed Size): 34" x 25"

Limited to just 50 signed, Numbered & Certified Limited Editions

RRP: £895.00

Artist Embellished Canvas Editions:20 + 5 AP's (Framed Size): 36" x 21"

RRP: £795.00

Signed, Numbered Limited Edition Giclée Paper Editions:45 + 5 AP's

Museum Paper with deckled edges, Float mounted. Framed.

RRP: £395.00

As some might be aware, the "Choose Your Own Heroes" (nurse) artwork was an exclusive release late last year for our US gallery retailers & affiliates. We have since been inundated with requests and enquires from collectors here in the UK for the title, so we are finally releasing the UK editions this afternoon, but this time, in aid of a very good cause. In a similar fashion to the Paul Oz and JJ Adams charity artworks created last summer, we will donating a percentage of the proceeds of sales of the limited-editions to the NHS Charities Together Fund.

If you would like to view these, please contact me on 07827 348756. The demand will be high for each of these and we have been extremely lucky to get 1 of each.

Take care and stay safe



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