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What’s Hand Embellished

Often a question that we are asked in the shop, what’s hand embellished? The simple answer is the artist adds either additional layers of paint, diamond dust, hand-made elements, decorative frames or something else to make a standard print more special. Often with hand-embellished prints the edition size is limited as well.

Some examples:

Paul Oz - Limited Edition canvases that have thick layers of acrylic paint over the top of the print. This gives you a fairly large scale framed canvas which is a mix between a print and an original. #pauloz

Kealey Farmer - One original and forty five limited edition paper prints that are embellished on the print with special pens and hand-made elements are placed on top of the glass. #kealeyfarmerart

JJ Adams - While in general JJ doesn’t embellish any prints, occasionally the publisher launches some special editions that feature splatted frames. #jjadamsart

Richard Blunt - Standard paper prints or hand-embellished canvases. The canvases tend to be small editions, either 10 or 15 worldwide. Each features hand painted highlights using oil. #richardblunt

Mark Davies - This Artist supplies both flat prints on paper or canvas and embellished. Mark likes to go to town, burning frames, breaking glass or Perspex and uses diamond dust. #markdaviesart

In general, a hand-embellished print is the next best thing if you can‘t stretch to an original, they often have the added value and are much more desirable.

If any of the Bloom Fine Art team can help you find your perfect piece, please don’t hesitate to contact us. #bloomfineartgb


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